The Big Risk Factor for Running Injuries

Knee pain is pervasive among runners. It has the power to reduce a smooth and confident runner to a wounded animal who can’t make it down the street. Yet there is a single telltale sign that can reveal an increased risk of pain before it begins.

How to Fix a Torn Labrum

Whether you are a weekend warrior, throwing a baseball in the Majors or working to get to the CrossFit Games, a torn labrum is not a career-ending injury.
It may disrupt training and competition for a few months, but the majority of labral tears can be addressed successfully with non-operative care.

Why Runners Should Get Strong

Regardless of your goals, strength is the cornerstone of an active and healthy body. If properly structured, it doesn’t hinder running ability but instead boosts running performance.  Regular strength training should be a part of every runner’s routine.

How We’re Building Better Swimmers

To help build better swimmers, we are proud to work with one of the best, through our partnership with RITTER Sports Performance. We’re excited to have new features from them on our Training Zone to help further develop swim performance.