We showed up at CrossFit New England with a film crew ready to talk shoulder health but got way more than expected….

We were there to grab a testimonial from Ben about his wife rehabbing her shoulder using Crossover Symmetry (you can check out Heather’s amazing story right here). But with a room full of professional and olympic athletes, and world class coaches, the conversation quickly switched to performance – and Ben did not disappoint.

The top coach in Cross-Training discussed how he develops world class athletes and what separates an elite performer from the rest. Watch it below.

We were expecting Ben to share secrets on exercises, programming, nutrition, and the other things he manipulates to gain an edge on the competition.
However, we were pleasantly surprised that he blew past the typical things we get caught up with, and honed in on the details that are often overlooked or even looked down upon.
What distinguishes Ben and other elite coaches is the ability to get an athlete’s mind right. It is probably the most neglected aspect in training and competition prep, yet it has a huge impact in distancing, as Ben puts it, the super-elites from everybody else.
Another surprise was how willing Ben is to test a new approach or process.  If you are stuck in a mentality that “this is how it is supposed to be done” then you will quickly get passed up by people who are willing to innovate.  This is true when it comes to equipment, training, recovery, or even things as small as the socks you wear….

We test them.  If they don’t work, they go away…If it works, it stays.