The Glute and Core Guide

We learned it from Chubbs… “It’s all in the hips.” When looking across all athletic performance this rings true. That’s because the hips are the powerhouse for the human body. The hip is a combination of big movers and smaller stabilizers that work together to...

End Your Pain by Retraining Your Brain

By: C. Shante Cofield, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF-L1 As Perry Nickelston of Stop Chasing Pain always says, Pain is a request for change. Meaning your shoulder doesn’t hurt for no good reason! The nervous system senses a problem and is asking for you to fix it. Notice I...

How Strong Do You Need To Be For Kipping Pull-Ups?

Does the kipping pull-up add enough benefit to outweigh the increased injury risk?

For the person with zero interest in pushing that level of intensity, no, it’s simply not worth it….

But if an athlete at any level is feeling the kipping mojo, it’s a really great movement to develop athleticism and coordination, overall strength, and most importantly an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

So should every noob be allowed to swing like a banshee? Definitely not! But neither should the Games hopeful without exhibiting the following prerequisites, one of which is not X number of strict pull-ups.

The Gold Standard for Shoulder Health

The Crossover Symmetry System has set the bar for maximizing shoulder health and performance. Competitive Fitness athletes and coaches at all levels have expressed the incredible difference Crossover Symmetry has made in their overhead strength gains and in alleviating nagging shoulder issues….

Examining Shoulder Injuries in Crossfit?

There is no doubt that strong and healthy shoulders are absolutely essential for a CrossFit athlete, and I am sure that no one would be surprised to hear that over half of the injuries that occur in CrossFit are shoulder related….