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CS FACILITY package includes Crossover Cords of four different resistance levels to effectively bridge the strength differences between athletes.  Choose the package option that best matches your athletes.

Available in 2 resistance packages:

Novice + Athletic (3, 7, 10, 15 lbs.)
Athletic + Elite (7, 10, 15, 25 lbs.)

$470 Inc. GST
Resistance Options Which resistance level is best for you? Novice + Athletic Athletic + Elite
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The Crossover Symmetry Facility Package is our most complete package, built for the gym or sports performance facility owner needing to customise resistances for various strength levels and abilities.

It includes all five Crossover Symmetry programs along with the equipment and training to rehab shoulder pain and injuries, enhance sports performance and improve posture.

Product Contents
  • 8 Crossover Cords (2 Pairs of heavy sets and 2 Pairs of light sets)
  • Access to the Training Zone
  • Training Manual
  • Exercise Chart
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Mobility Sac
  • Attachment

Learn more about how the Crossover Symmetry Shoulder System works to replace pain with performance.



The Facility Package includes 2 resistance options of Crossover Cords along with an attachment of your choice.

Each package includes 4 Pairs of Crossover Cords and combine either the ‘Novice + Athletic’ or the ‘Athletic + Elite’.

Use these descriptions to help determine which options suit you best.



Crossover Cords Novice and AthleticRecommended for:

Facilities who cater for beginner and intermediate athletes.


Crossover Cords Athletic EliteRecommended for:

For collegiate, professional and advanced sports performance facilities.



Crossover Symmetry Door Belt Door Belts are an innovative tool that transforms most doors into a workout station, without permanent mounting equipment or hardware.


Crossover Symmetry Rack StrapsCrossover Rack Straps are designed to attach to any squat rack or other vertical stable structure.


Crossover Symmetry AnchorsThe redesigned CS Anchors can be mounted to a wall or to a squat rack. Crossover Anchors create a space saving, multi-functional workout station that replaces bulky, expensive workout equipment.

For more information on the space requirements and set up instructions for each attachment, read our General Set Up Guide

Still unsure about what options to choose? Check out this video for more product details.


After 13 years of testing and improving Crossover Symmetry, we know that nearly every person who implements Crossover sees significant results.

If after 30 days, you are not seeing the results that you expected or just do not want the package – Simply return the system for a no-hassle refund.


This is our most complete package, built for the gym or sports performance facility owner needing to customize resistances for various strength levels. Attachments for a squat rack or door or anchors are included.

Product Contents

Training Guide

Hard copy, perfect bound training guide with everything you need to get the most out of your investment!


Access to online Training Zone
The Crossover Symmetry packages include access to the Training Zone. The training includes in-depth videos and detailed instructions so you know exactly how and when to use each program based on your individual goals.
Exercise Chart

Double-sided exercise chart for quick reference.

8 Crossover Cords (4 pairs)

CROSSOVER CORDS 2.0 are the safest, most durable cords on the planet. The 2.0 Cords have been independently tested to last over 15 times longer than the previous model.
CS Mobility Sac
The Mobility Ball Sac can be used as a warm-up, part of recovery, or for maintenance to improve flexibility and optimize performance.
Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring Backpack perfect for keeping all of the package equipment together!


Attachment options for a door, squat rack or wall mounted.

Select a Resistance Level

The Facility Package includes 2 resistance options. These options include 4 Crossover Cords and combine either the Novice+Athletic resistances or Athletic+ Elite resistances. Novice+Athletic is perfect for facilities that cater to beginner & intermediate athletes, while Athletic+Elite is recommended for collegiate, professional and advanced sports performance facilities.

Novice – Athletic Package

Novice – Athletic Package

The Novice-Athletic is recommended for facilities who cater to beginner & intermediate athletes.

Athletic – Elite Package

Athletic – Elite Package

The Athletic – Elite Package is recommended for collegiate, professional & advanced sports performance facilities.

Select An Attachment

There are three attachment options available for the facility package. Your choice of Door Belts or Squat Rack Straps or Anchors is included in the price of the individual package.