30 Day Shoulder Fix

30 Day
Shoulder Fix

Please don’t mistake this for an easygoing therapy program. Our goal is to push your physical capacity through challenging metcons and strength training, while progressively correcting shoulder mechanics to help you move better. Each week will challenge the shoulder through increasingly more difficult positions. When paired with the Crossover Symmetry System the shoulders will become stronger and better equipped to handle the following week.

Each week will conclude with a challenging workout that includes a provocative test for the shoulder progression included in the following week. If you have any shoulder pain with the week’s final workout, it is a sign that you shouldn’t move to the following week. Just reset and do that week again.

Week 1

The program starts with some time to allow any shoulder inflammation to resolve and a heavy emphasis on mobilizing the tight muscles around the shoulder. The first week will eliminate any dynamic shoulder movements to promote healing and allow a full focus on optimizing shoulder position.

Don’t fret because you aren’t hitting anything overhead, your arms won’t turn to noodles with one week off! You will be hammering a ton of Crossover Symmetry and be 1 week closer towards becoming SCAPJACKED!

Week 2

This week will begin incorporating some upper extremity movements, however it will be limited to pulling below shoulder height. The program will also start incorporating a skill session to focus on important scapular positions.

Becoming strong with these assistance drills will build upon the strength you are acquiring with Crossover Symmetry and will help transition to better functional movements typically programmed in a WOD.

Week 3

This week will add to the dynamic shoulder movement, however everything will still be limited to pushing and pulling below shoulder height. The program will also progress again with a new set of skill movements to continue building strength and motor control of the scapula. Another important addition to this week is the incorporation of the Strength program post workout.

Strength is the true strengthening component of the Crossover Symmetry System, and will be the last push towards ironing out shoulder mechanics and developing the shoulder stability needed to go overhead next week!

Week 4

The goal for this week is to start working overhead, however we will control for load and volume. You should feel strong and stable overhead, and definitely moving pain free. It is important to scale appropriately and if you are experiencing any discomfort it is a sign to shut it down and return to the previous week.

Once you have finished this week successfully you are now ready to return to your regular programming with shoulders of gold!