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Crossover Symmetry provides the tools and training to eliminate shoulder pain fast whilst developing strength and stability for long term performance.
Developed by Top Sports Physical Therapists, Coaches, and Athletes.

Crossover Symmetry is a medically designed shoulder system engineered to relieve pain, prevent injury and enhance performance.

Since it’s inception back in 2006 originating in baseball it has evolved into a system that helps athletes in nearly every sport as well as rehabbing patients.

… after so much success with the Crossover Symmetry Shoulder System, the same principles have been applied to designing the new Hip and Core System. This system works to improve stability, strength and motor control around the hips and core, relieving back and/or knee pain while improving power generation and transfer for optimal performance.




Pain-Free Shoulders

The Crossover Symmetry Shoulder System includes the equipment and the training to fix shoulder pain permanently.

Prevent Injury

Crossover Symmetry can be used as a time-efficient injury prevention tool to improve shoulder health.

Optimise Performance

Healthy-stable shoulders are high-performance shoulders. Consistent use of Crossover Symmetry can increase speed, power, and strength.


Eliminate Back & Knee Pain

The Crossover Symmetry Hip & Core System includes the equipment and the training to fix back and knee pain.

Injury Prevention

Crossover Symmetry can be used as a time-efficient injury prevention tool to improve back and knee health.

Improve Performance

Strengthen your hips and core with Crossover Symmetry to improve power generation and transfer.


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The single most important tool I use is the Crossover Symmetry System. Our pitchers love the advanced activation program and are able to maintain their velocity (most improve their velocity) throughout the course of the season. Equally as important, there is a significant improvement in our pitcher’s recovery time when doing the crossover workout after their outings. … I consider the Arizona Training Arsenal ™ the most sought after thrower’s training curriculum in all of baseball and Crossover Symmetry is the foundation of our arm care education.

Ken Knuston

Director, Arizona Training Arsenal ™

I have made Crossover Symmetry a staple of my own warm-up routine and everyone that trains at CFNE.

Ben Bergeron

Owner and Head Coach, Crossfit New England, Author of Comp Train


Pain and Rehab
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How to Fix a Torn Labrum

How to Fix a Torn Labrum

Whether you are a weekend warrior, throwing a baseball in the Majors or working to get to the CrossFit Games, a torn labrum is not a career-ending injury.
It may disrupt training and competition for a few months, but the majority of labral tears can be addressed successfully with non-operative care.