The patented Crossover Cords are not only the highest quality resistance cords available but they are also custom designed in length and resistance allowing us to recommend a specific resistance based on the athlete’s strength, exercise they are performing and  muscle groups targeted. To complete the Crossover Symmetry (CS) exercises correctly the individual will need a heavy and a light set of crossover cords. We offer three custom resistance packages based on the strength of the athlete.

Our packages are grouped into three resistance levels:

Novice: for athletes between the ages 8-13 (also a great package for anyone rehabbing from a shoulder injury)Athletic: for High School athletes and the typical Adult (Functional fitness athletes generally go for athletic if not RX’ing frequently)Elite: for College and Pro Athletes (Functional fitness athletes who Rx all workouts fit well into the Elite level)

At Crossover Symmetry,  we manufacture the highest quality resistance bands on the market. If for some reason you experience a break or a tear, and you’ve purchased your gear in the last 2 years, we’ll send you a brand new replacement free of charge. Email a picture of your broken cord to support@crossoversymmetry.com  with your full name, address, phone number and a brief description of what happened we’ll be glad to send you a replacement.

In every sport, your workload changes between in season and off season. Minor adjustments are necessary to accommodate integration of the Strength program into your routine. We don’t suggest using the Strength program prior to any game or exercise. Strength should be done 3 days a week after your heavy workloads. Example: Longtoss, Pitching practice, and for functional fitness, your Oly movement days.

The activation phase should be performed daily prior to any sport activity. It is the most important phase of the System and will have the most profound impact on injury prevention and performance enhancement. Once mastered, this program should take around three minutes to complete, making it an ideal protocol to activate the essential structures of the shoulder complex.

For normal healthy athletes, once you have mastered Activation, it is time to move to Activation+. Start by doing Activation+ in place of Activation once or twice a week, and work up to doing Activation+ the majority of the time.

The Recovery phase should be used by athletes with persistent shoulder problems post WOD or practice/game. It is also effective following heavy workloads or the last event of a multi-day competition. The Recovery phase utilizes eccentric, or negative muscle contractions, which have been shown to be beneficial when treating chronic overuse injuries. The Recovery phase increases targeted blood flow to tendons and muscles to speed up the body’s healing processes.

You will need approximately 4 feet of space between the wall mounts (a little less or more is fine) for each station. This works well because studs commonly have 16” of spacing. Leaving a 16” gap between each station eliminates any wingspan overlap generally but a few inches less or more won’t hurt. We recommend finding out how many wall stations you can fit into the dimensions of your facility. Once you have that number, you can look at utilizing your squat racks or pull up rigs for additional stations. Included with every set of anchors are our installation instructions. If you have any questions, please contact us at 303-403-0126 & we would be happy to answer them for you.

It’s simple. When shopping for a product that’s going to keep you healthy and strong do you want gear that’s made of cheap material or strong material? Do you want gear that’s been made in a rush that could potentially break and hurt you? At Crossover symmetry we don’t want you to be limited by faulty or inefficient gear, which is why we take the time to develop the most functional, structured, and efficient products possible. But with that comes expenses, Research/Development, shipping/handling, and domestic manufacturing are all accounted for in the cost of our gear and education.

Hip & Core

Absolutely!!! The Glutes are one of the primary focuses of every program in the system. You can’t have a hip & core system and not work the Glutes. Trust us, you’ll feel the burn.

The programming for the CS Hip & Core System was developed based on peer reviewed research examining injury risk factors, biomechanics and EMG muscle activation studies. Each exercise has a specific purpose and is progressive in nature building upon the prior exercises.

The exercises in the CS Hip & Core System demanded specific resistance and range of motion characteristics that other products didn’t have. So we built our own product to meet these demands.

The Hip & Core features a greater range of motion with a more even resistance. The padding is easily cleaned, contours to the leg for comfortable movement, and is durable enough for years of daily use. The Hip & Core comes in three resistance options to adapt to any strength level. Finally, we built a complete training system around the Hip & Core so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

When you purchase the Hip and Core System you will get the Hip & Core and the complete training system:

Hip & Core- available in 3 resistances
Double-sided Exercise Chart
Programs for Activation, Strength, Plyometrics & ACL Injury Prevention.
30-Day Rehab programs for Low Back and Knee pain.
50 Training Videos and Training Guide (pdf)


Absolutely. We are  currently going through a transitional period of setting up distributers overseas. You can find what areas of the world have their own distribution on the top navigation menu of this site.  If you area is shown, please use that location website to place your order.  If you area is not shown, you can order on this website and we’ll be shipping orders from our warehouse in Colorado. If for some reason you have trouble ordering internationally from our website, please email matt@crossoversymmetry.com for a swift response. Your shoulder health is of paramount importance to us, no matter where you live.

We are proud to offer a 15% discount to anyone who serves our country. Be it Armed forces, Firefighting, Police force, or the National Guard. If you stick your neck out to protect our families we feel the need to honor that. Simply email us at sales@crossoversymmetry.com.au  with verification of your service and we’ll take care of the rest.