It’s Hard to Push Past Pain

Despite your hard work and dedication to the weights, pain will stop you from meeting your full potential.

But with consistency, you can overcome what’s holding you back.

You just need a program to strengthen and balance the smaller stabilizers and to improve your mobility to take on the big weights.

We have the tools you need. With programs designed by performance and medical experts, and durable equipment made for athletes, you can prepare your body for the toughest training sessions.


Fits Into Your Workouts to Make a Comprehensive Training Program


Use our 10-minute Primer to warm-up your shoulders, back, and knees for better lockouts and powerful lifts.


Post-workout accessory work to finish your training session with a focus on stability.


Get a daily program to help you get past pain and stiffness and to keep your strength moving upward.

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Pro Package


(Save $88.50)

Complete shoulder kit with equipment and training for athletes of all strengths.


Bundle Package


(Save $67.5)

Combines the Shoulder and Hip & Core systems for a full-body training plan


The 30 Day Fix

We despise the word rest. Each system includes self-rehab plans designed to overcome shoulder, knee, and low back pain while keeping you in the gym and training hard.

Get Started

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