Team Package

Team Package

A cost saving solution for teams or facilities who need 4 or more stations.
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$249/station + $64/attachment


The team package is a cost-saving solution for professional, collegiate, high school and competitive teams. Four or more stations allow coaches to take their team through the Crossover Symmetry programs in a time efficient manner.

Product Contents

  • Training guide
  • Access to online Training Zone
  • 4 Exercise chart
  • 8 Crossover Cords (4 pairs) Novice or Athletic or Elite
  • 4 Drawstring Backpack

Which resistance level is best for you?

The shoulder package includes a heavy set and a light set of Crossover Cords. These resistances have been pre-selected based on the exercises prescribed in the programs.


Recommended for:
Individuals who are new to exercise or rehabbing a shoulder injury. It is also recommended for youth athletes ages 8-13.


Recommended for:
Our most popular resistance package for both male and female users. it is recommended for most high school athletes & active adults.


Recommended for:
Collegiate, professional or elite fitness athletes who have extensive experience using Crossover Symmetry.


Recommended for:
Gyms, clinics and training facilities. includes five different resistances to cover all ages & abilities.

Which attachment do you need?

We offers multiple options for anchoring the Crossover Cords for effective indoor & outdoor training.


Can be mounted to a wall to create a multifunctional exercise station. Each anchor is rated to over 500 lbs and will easily fit all six Crossover Cord resistances. Installation hardware included.
(Set of 4)

Door Belts

An innovative tool that transforms most any door into a workout station, without permanent mounting equipment or hardware. Designed to fit both commercial or residential doors between 28” and 44’ in width.
(Sold in pairs)

Rack Straps

Designed to attach to any squat rack, rig or other stable structure. Squat rack straps can also be looped together to wrap around larger stable structures (i.e. trees. poles. etc).
(Set of 4)

Our Guarantee

After 10 years of testing and improving Crossover Symmetry, we know that nearly every person who implements Crossover sees significant results. If after 30 days, you are not seeing the results that you expected or just do not want the package –Simply return the system for a no-hassle refund.